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What Types of Clothes Needed for a New Born?

Baby Clothing

What Types of Clothes Needed for a New Born?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

Are you expecting a baby? Maybe you’re wondering which clothes you will need for your bundle of joy. If you aren’t sure what a sleep sack is or what rompers are, this article may help.

You’re sure to be really excited and looking forward to dressing your newborn in adorable baby clothes as a newly pregnant mother. Clothing shopping for a newborn requires consideration of various factors, including practicality, comfort, sizing, and so on. Of course, the time of year you are expecting your baby’s arrival also matters.

Your baby will sleep a lot in the first three months and eat a lot, so keep plenty of comfortable clothing on hand. The outfits should include baby grows, body vests, day gowns, and comfortable daytime clothing.

Knowing what to wear at bedtime is also essential for newborn babies. No worries, we have covered everything for you so that you can be fully prepared.


One-piece babygrows are a must-have for any new mom. They are super comfortable for babies, but they are also practical and easy to dress. You should choose cotton fabrics over man-made fibers to ensure maximum comfort and suitableness for the baby’s delicate skin. You can keep the baby warm as the seasons change by adding bodyvests or jumpers over the top of babygrows.

Baby Rompers

The romper is another excellent choice of clothing for newborns. They are essentially one-piece outfits but are traditionally made with long sleeves and footless legs. The footless legs allow for greater freedom of movement when ‘romping’ and playing, which is how the name is derived. A romper is usually an ideal option for playdates, family outings, or photoshoots as it is an easy outfit choice and can come in fun, fashionable styles. Additionally, they are easy to fasten with poppers or zippers, making nappy changes easy.

Baby Cardigans & Jumpers

There is nothing better than having a few cardigans or jumpers on hand. Make your choice from soft materials and fabrics appropriate for the season. You can place these over babygrows or rompers for daytime outings to keep them warm and comfortable.

Baby Trouser Sets

A trouser set is an excellent alternative to bodysuits and rompers if you want to create a sweet two-piece outfit while you are out enjoying the day. It is a comfortable outfit for a baby and will keep them calm. Furthermore, it is more practical for you, as, for example, jeans would make changing your baby more difficult.

Baby Dresses & Gowns

During the warmer seasons, gowns and dresses are suitable options for daytime dressing. Try layering your dress of choice with leggings underneath for an oh-so-sweet look during the cooler months. Lightweight cotton materials are best for a sweet dress to complement their mini wardrobes as they are kind to a babies’ skin and most comfortable.

Baby Coat

For your newborn, it is always helpful to have at least one extra-warm outerwear ensemble on hand. For colder regions, get your children a full-body outerwear snowsuit that they can wear over their clothes to keep them warm and cozy. You can carry a lighter coat in your baby bag and wear it over clothing if the weather changes when you’re out and about.


Your baby’s legs will be exposed when wearing onesie, so make sure you also have a few pairs of pants or leggings. Leggings for babies should be stretchy to be put on and taken off easily. Another practical option is sweatpants, and they can even be stylish when worn with an appropriate top. If you’re considering dressing your child in stiff, tight-fitting jeans or khakis regularly, I recommend saving them for special occasions. Putting actual pants on a baby is a real hassle, and you don’t want to do it multiple times a day.


Gowns are another class of baby sleepwear you might consider, especially in your child’s first few months. Since gowns have an open bottom, changing diapers is easier because a baby doesn’t have to wrestle his legs out of his footie. The gown can simply be pulled up whenever a diaper needs to be changed.

Sleepsack Wearable Blanket

Sleeping bags or sacks are other items you might want to consider. As both clothing and bedding, sleep sacks can be worn over pajamas and are intended to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends them as an alternative to loose blankets. Sleepsacks serve the same purpose as swaddles, but unlike swaddling, you don’t have to stop using them once your baby rolls over.

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