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Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Baby’s Coming-Home

Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Baby’s Coming-Home

Thursday, November 25th, 2021

One of the most exciting things about expecting a baby is choosing the outfit your baby will wear home in the first few days after his birth. When your baby meets the great, big world, you want your baby to wear some special outfit because everyone will take a lot of pictures. It may be hard to pick just one adorable outfit out of all the pretty newborn clothes available.

Tips for Choosing the Babies Outfit

The following tips can help you select a homecoming outfit for the baby that is comfortable, travel-friendly, and looks good in pictures.

Consider the Season

A baby usually needs one more layer of clothing than an adult, except during scorching weather. When you are planning the baby’s outfit, consider the season.

If you’re going to be outside in the cold, the baby’s going-home outfit should fit easily under a jacket or sweater, or you can keep the baby warm by adding more blankets.

Check Sizes Carefully

The newborn size is usually appropriate for the baby to leave the hospital. It can be difficult to predict the size of the baby at birth, but a newborn size is usually large enough to get home. Parents often purchase baby clothes in larger sizes in the hope that their baby will wear them for a longer time. Although this works well when the baby is a bit older, a few extra pounds can make a huge difference in how their clothes fit and look on them.

If you buy your newborn’s outfit in a too-big size, it will most likely look like she is swimming in it. Look at the size tags for weight ranges instead of age ranges.

Comfort Is Key

The skin of newborns is extremely sensitive, so clothes must be made with soft, breathable fabrics and have stretchy arms, legs, and neck openings. To avoid irritation, make sure that the elastic is not too tight, and a layer of fabric is present between the elastic and the baby’s skin. Make sure that snaps and buttons don’t scratch the baby’s skin.

Pick Something Simple

Baby clothes with a lot of details and adornments tend to look unattractive on their tiny bodies. The best clothing for newborns is low-key and straightforward in colors or patterns. A baby in this type of outfit will also have the chance to smile for the cameras on the way home.

Easy to get off and On

A newborn baby has a floppy head and curled-up limbs that make it difficult for mothers to remove their outfits. Look for snaps or buttons that widen the head opening. Legs and arm fabrics should have enough stretch for stiff, little limbs to fit through.

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